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Directorate of Health Services is providing preventive, promotive & curative dental health care services through dental surgeons posted up to primary health centre level. To make oro-dental care accessible to masses, Department is conducting Oro-dental examination and providing basic dental services to school children under RBSK Programme. Dental department, Haryana is committed to provide Dental treatment to one and all, through their regular examination and treatment at the district/sub-district hospitals, urban dispensaries/polyclinics/ PHCs and CHCs.

Dental department Haryana is committed to provide state of the art dental treatment to the rural masses and urban population alike.

IEC activities are carried out at each and every level to bring about awareness of Oro-dental diseases and the varioustreatment options available to the general public.


Department aims to make Oro-dental care accessible to all.


  1. To create awareness about Oro-dental hygiene and its maintenance.
  2. To strengthen the skill and competency of dental workforce.
  3. To reduce DMFT index by 10% every year. 

Programme Schemes

Following programs are being conducted to provide Oro-dental care: -

1) Ambulatory Dental Clinic

Regular dental clinics are operational at every primary health centre/ community health centre/ urban dispensaries/ Sub- district hospitals/ District Hospital.

Services are available during OPD hours and timings of which are as follows: -

Rural Areas : 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM (on Weekdays ) : 9.00 AM to 1.30 PM (On Saturdays)

Urban Areas : 9.00 A.M. to 3.00 PM (winter) : 8.00 A.M. to 2.00 PM (summer)

Following services are provided at these clinics:
  1. Conservative and Endodontic dentistry - Root canal treatment, light cure restorations, pulpotomies, pulpectomies, pulpcapping, replantations, bleaching of discolored teeth, etc.
  2. Periodontics – Oral prophylaxis & treatment of various gum diseases like flap surgeries etc.
  3. Pedodontic – For treatment of dental diseases of children.
  4. Oral diagnosis – Radiological diagnosis of various diseases of oral cavity & early treatment of precancerous lesions.
  5. Oral surgery – Tooth extractions, Alveolectomies, Root –Resections, IMF,     minor oral surgeries etc.
2) School Dental Health Care Programme :

Regular Dental Examination of school children is conducted by dental surgeons in the outreach program who visit all Govt. schools of their respective areas. I.E.C. activities are conducted to generate awareness among school children about Oro-dental hygiene. Children with dental problems are referred to the nearby dental clinics for curative treatment. Mobile dental vans facilitate the dental examination and treatment on the spot.

Oro-Dental checkup is a part of comprehensive school health examination. Lectures are delivered to students regarding tooth brushing instructions, dietary instructions, abnormal oral habits etc., in the morning assembly and otherwise in class rooms to generate awareness. For this purpose the Dental Surgeons have been declared as School Health Officers vide the department letter 41/37 -1HE-09/481, dated 24.3.2009 and there is a provision to pay them at Rs.6 per km., in case they use their own vehicle.

3) Dental Camps:

Dental camps are organized on regular basis in the community to improve dental treatment seeking practices and create awareness about Oro-dental hygiene. Dental treatment is provided to the needy on the spot. Mobile dental vans are used during these camps.

4) Others

Dental Surgeons working in PHCs and CHCs have been assigned the duty of Member secretary (convener) of SKS (Swasthay Kalyan Samiti) vide department letter No. 1/272-4RCH-09/1650-70 dated 12.3.2009.

Dental Surgeon of one of the  PHC of a District is attached with each Deputy Civil Surgeon ( Capacity Building and Training ) at the District Training Centre to co-ordinate the trainings at district level, vide this office letter No. 8/34-SIHFW-1(review)-2009/1294-1314, dated 24.3.2009.


Fully loaded Electrical/Hydraulic Dental Chairs / Units in all the health facilities (Compressor, Ultrasonic scalar, Airotor, Micro motor, Light Cure etc.) Dental x-ray unit in all the health facilities above PHC Mobile Dental Vans in two districts of Ambala&Hissar. Facility of OPG in three District Hospitals of Panchkula, Hisar&Karnal.

Organizational Structure
  1. Director Health Services (Dental)
  2. Senior Dental Surgeon
  3. Dental Surgeon
  4. Dental Assistant-cum-Mechanic
  5. Dental Hygienist

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, contact;

Dr. Parveen Sethi,

Director, Health Services (Dental)

Directorate of Health Services, Haryana.

Sector-6, Panchkula , Haryana.

Tel No. (O) 0172 2561778 E-mail: dhs.dentalharyana@gmail.com