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Health Department is headed by the Director General, Health Services, and is assisted by One Additional Director General, Seven Directors, One Additional Director (Administration), One Joint Director (Administration) and Deputy Directors at the Head Office.

The Head of Health Services at the District is Civil Surgeon while the Civil Hospitals are headed by Principal Medical Officers/Medical Superintendents / Senior Medical Officers. Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres are headed by Senior Medical Officers and Medical Officer in-charge respectively.


Director General, Health Services

The post of Director General Health Services is a departmental post. The DGHS work as the Head of the Department and looking after the work of all officers of the department. The officer in addition to administrative and financial powers is responsible for implementing all the schemes of the Health Department. The officer works under the supervision, direction and control of the Additional Chief Secretary, Government to Haryana for the Health Department. The DGHS is assisted by one Additional Director General, Seven Directors, One Additional Director (Administration) and One Joint Director (Administration).

Additional Director General Health Services

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the Policy Medical Branch, Medical Reimbursement, Medical Boards, Grant-in-Aid, Cancer Control Programme, Bio Medical Waste Programme, Trauma Centres, Regional Diagnostic Centres, National Human Right Commission, Human Organ Act, Human Anatomy Act, Radiation Protection Act, Medical Council of India, Pharmacy Council, Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Medical Internship, Coordination, Establishment of Laboratory Technician and Laboratory Staff, , Vidhan Sabha Assurances, Public Accounts Committee, All Audits, Integrated IEC activities

Director Health Services ( Policy Matter)

This is a deparmental post. the officer deals with all policy matters of health.

Director Health Services (Family Welfare)

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the Family Welfare Branch- Family Welfare Programme, Establishment of Multipurpose Health Workers (Female), Establishment of Multipurpose Health Supervisors (Female), All Accounts Matters Related to Family Welfare Programme, Mass Media Branch – Information Education Communication, Establishment of Mass Media Education Staff, Nursing Branch – Establishment of Nursing Staff. Health Educations , Public Health

Director Health Services / Project Director (AIDS)

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the Public Private Partnership Projects, Revised National Tuberculosis Programme,Mental Health & De Addiction , Tobacco Control Progarmme,Clinical Esabalishment Act, Project Director of AIDS.

Director Health Services /Principal (State Institute Health Family Welfare)

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the Quality Control of Health services , Public Health  , Mental Health Programme, In- Service Short Term Training, National & International conferences permission.

Director Health Service (Vector Borne Disease)

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the National Vactor Borne Disease Programme, Establishment of Multipurpose Health workers and Malaria Laboratory Technician, Family welfare Programme, IDSP , Blindness and Deafness Programme, Civil Registration System.

Director Health Services (Dental)

This is a departmental post. The officer deals with the Dental Programme, Establishment of Dental Surgeons and Para-Dental Staff , IT .

Director Health Service ( Hospital Management Division)

This is a departmental post. the office deals with Matrial & Supply Division, Mukhya Mantri Muft Ilaz yojna , Out Sourcing .

Additional / Joint Director (Administration)

This post is filled from the HCS Cadre and its current nomenclature is that of Additional Director (Admn.). The officer deals with Administrative Branch – Establishment of All Ministerial Staff & Class IV staff of the Directorate, Establishment of All Gazetted Non- Medical Staff. Establishment – II Branch – Establishment of HCMS-I & HCMS-II Doctors, Disciplinary actions against HCMS Doctors. Establishment –IV Branch – Disciplinary actions against HCMS-II Doctors, All kind of Leaves of Doctors. RTI and ADA also report to him , CM Window .

Civil Surgeon

Civil Surgeon is the head of the health services of the district and is responsible to Director General, Health Services. He looks after the administration of staff of all categories working under his control and to carry out various health schemes and provide preventive, promotive and curative services to the general public within his district.

Principal Medical Officer/Medical Superintendent

Principal Medical Officer/Medical Superintendent is the in-charge of the civil hospitals and is concerned with day to day activities of the hospital. The PMO/MS reports to the Civil Surgeon for further necessary action.

Senior Medical Officer is the in-charge of the Community Health Centre and is concerned with day to day activities of the Community Health Centre. The Senior Medical Officer reports to the Civil Surgeon for further necessary action.

Medical Officer is the in-charge of the Primary Health Centre & Sub Health Centres under respective PHC’s and is concerned with day to day activities of the Primary Health Centre and Sub Health Centres under those PHC’s. The Medical Officer reports to the Senior Medical Officer in-charge of their respective Community Centres.


Health department, Haryana is constantly guided by the W.H.O definition of Health which states that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity .

Government of Haryana is committed to provide quality health care to all its citizens. Health department has been constantly upgrading itself in terms of infrastructure, human resource, drugs, equipment etc. Haryana Health Department is responding to the health needs of all categories of population including infants, children, adolescents, mothers, eligible couples and the elderly in addition to the sick and trauma victims. Also, there is a constant endeavor to keep communicable and non-communicable diseases in check and to have strong systems of recording, reporting, evaluating and planning.

The departments’ aim is to improve the quality of life of people by providing better Health Services. Heath department, Haryana strives to help people improve their productivity and reduce risks of diseases and injury in a cost-effective way. The department is guided by the W.H.O principle of Universal Health “Ensuring that all people have access to needed promotive,preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that people do not suffer financial hardship when paying for these services”.

The ultimate function of the department is to provide adequate, accessible, equitable, quality healthcare services to all leading to the reduction of out of pocket expenditure on health of a common man.